Virginia Beach FD received Ben Franklin Award of Valor

Friday, August 28, 2015   VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

During the IAFC's Annual Conference & Expo, a crew from Virginia Beach Fire Dept was recognized for their heroic efforts during a horrific crash in April 2014.  A vehicle of 7, 6 of them being children, was hit by a pick-up truck.  Any crash can affect our first responders, especially when there is children involved and in this case there were 6 of them.  The Virginia Beach crew worked passionately to free each of them and rescue them from harm, however four children did not survive.  Our congratulations go out to the crew for their dedication and strong work, and we remember the families.  

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Division Chief arrested following domestic with wife

Friday, August 28, 2015  ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MD

According to authorities, police arrested Anne Arundel County Division Chief Harvey Cornwell after his wife called 9-1-1 to report an assault.  Upon arrival and after interviews of each party, police arrested and charged the Chief with first and second-degree assault.  He has currently been placed on paid administrative leave until the department conducts their own investigation. While this incident occurred off duty and in his own home, the reprocussions will follow into his career.

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Fire scene leads to altercation

Thursday, August 27, 2015   HARTFORT, CT

A lieutenant and a captain are now on paid administrative leave from the department following an incident that occurred on the scene of a fire earlier.  The lieutenant is also facing charges of second-degree breach of peace.  The two got into a verbal and physical altercation after the lieutenant started to leave the scene before being dismissed according to the captain. Read more at:



Firefighters honored for over 50 years of service

Wednesday, August 26, 2015   MIDDLETOWN, NJ

It's not too often in this industry that a department has the privilege to honor one of their members with more than 50 years of service. Middletown Township Fire Company No. 1 in New Jersey were blessed to honor THREE of their members with over 50 years of dedicated service to their community!  Take a look at your department, have you recognized the efforts of your members recently?  

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Firefighter fired after training incident

Tuesday, August 25, 2015   PORT OF PORTLAND, OR

About a dozen firefighters attended a training in Texas in 2014, and during that time a firefighter was charged with sexual assault of one of his colleagues.  The firefighter has since been indicted and last week was fired from the department after their internal investigation revealed he was in violation of their work policies and ordinances.  Does your department's policies and ordinances protect your personnel?

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EMT and Firefighter both arrested in brawl

Monday, August 24, 2015   NEW YORK, NY

A late night fist fight led to mass confusion and all out street fight, and as a result a FDNY firefighter and his EMT sister were both arrested.  Remember, you represent your agency both ON and OFF duty.  

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Fire Chief is a 'Deer' Rescuer

Monday, August 24, 2015   MT. JULIET, TN

Every dispatch is a guaranteed promise that you just never know what you will face when you arrive on the scene.  That is exactly the promise that was delivered when Chief Jamie Luffman arrived on the scene of a swimmer in distress that ended up to be a baby deer.  Turnout gear was put to the side for this rescue and the chief is just thankful there wasn't a photo to capture the rescue....

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Fire Chief and wife charged with theft

Wednesday, August 12, 2015   DERRY, PA

Expenses, revenues, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reports, and audits. All o these items are critical pieces to your department's financial element.  Who handles those pieces in your department? Is it all the same person? Is there a check and balance or audit conducted? Would you be safeguarded from a situation that has occurred in East Derry Township?  Their Fire Chief and his wife, who is also the Secretary of the FD, were charged with theft of over $67,000.

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Ferguson MO under State of Emergency

Tuesday, August 11, 2015   FERGUSON, MO

No matter what your opinion is of the events that occurred one year ago in Ferguson, emotions were high once again a year later. Yesterday marked the anniversary and a community is under a state of emergency after multiple incidents including a shooting occurred.  Keeping the community and first responder community in our thoughts.

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How clean are your FD financials?

Monday, August 10, 2015   FARMINGTON, NH

No matter how large or small your fire department is, your treasury records should be transparent.  A Deputy Fire Chief was the first to notice that something just wasn't right in the department's financial reports. The reports were very hard to follow and after an investigation it appears that the Treasurer was able to misappropriate over $270,000!  

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