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Thursday, February 23, 2017  WORK IN PROGRESS

It is our commitment to the you and the entire fire service to be part of the positive influence of the image and reputations of our men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting & saving others.  As such, we recognized it was time for a change in our message we deliver through FirefighterBehavior to be one that is more a resource that provides tools for you to implement into your departments.  

Therefore, over the next few months we will begin to transition the format and content of this page to provide resources and tools such as:  training class announcements, financial guidelines, recommended policy, book reviews, subject matter expert recommendations, and more.   We thank you for following us over the years and look forward to better serving you and your department.



Welcome to FirefighterBehavior.com

Thanks for stopping by. For over 300 years the Fire Service in America has built its reputation on Service to Others, Bravery and Compassion for those whom we serve. Time and time again public opinion polls suggest that other than the family we are the most trusted institution in the nation. Unfortunately the improper actions of a very small minority of our members is damaging that very reputation that those before us worked so hard to establish. FirefighterBehavior.com is dedicated to stopping that negative trend by raising awareness of this. Our goal is to offer strategies that will prevent, detect and correct incidents of improper conduct and preserve the public trust.

As you read the incidents and articles contained on this site we ask you to consider the following; 

      How would this incident reflect upon your organization or you as it is disclosed to the public and how do you respond to comments about the situation from your community, family and friends?
      If you were the Chief or Officer in Charge, how would you feel about the situation and what would be your response?
      Does the behavior involved bring value to your organization or help you to gain or continue receiving the public support for your department?

Because not all of the news is bad, we are happy when we find reports of firefighter conduct that brings honor to themselves, their department and the fire service. It is our wish that this site would be dominated by these reports. Perhaps someday it will be.



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