A "Partner in Progress"

The Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's Association (CVVFA) was established in 1901 as a mutual aid organization. The CVVFA provides firefighters and other emergency responders with Training, Leadership, and Fraternalism. Membership includes volunteer and career fire service personnel as well as members of the law enforcement community and public safety responders. Learn more about the CVVFA.

Beginning in 2008, the CVVFA began studying the impact of inappropriate, unethical, and sometimes illegal conduct/behavior by a small number of fire service members that threatens to erode the moral high ground from beneath the fire service. Fire service opinion leaders met at St. Joseph's University and at the National Fire Academy to explore these concerns, leading to the March 2010 issuance of the Fire Service Reputation Management White Paper. The White Paper discusses a series of social, cultural, and ethical issues impacting the fire service nationwide that demand increased awareness.

www.FirefighterBehavior.com is dedicated to raising fire service awareness of the problem and how to prevent, detect, correct, and/or address inappropriate conduct at the Fire Department level. We solicit ideas, best practices, and commentary that address this important issue. To emphasize the scope of the problem, this page will also report news coverage of some of the conduct issues that have given rise to the need to launch this page.